We are the CQ5 / AEM experts

We at codeflair know the workings of Adobe CQ5/AEM: Components, Services, Selectors, Filters, Transformer Chains, Adobe Campaign Integration and whatever you like: we’ve been there and we’ve done that.

But we do more: we understand your business requirements and are able to architect the solution in CQ.

When it’s time to implement, we have the experience to lead a development team the agile way.

And when it’s implemented we love to train/teach you how to use it.

Blog & News

AEM TouchUI dropdown mandatory validation

In AEM 6.2, there is no mandatory validation for dropdowns in dialogs, when having a „Please select“ option in place. This is due to a validation check in the out of the box AEM validator which does a check for...

About Us

Christoph Thommen

Christoph Thommen

Partner and Software Architect

BSc in Computer Science with specialization in distributed software systems

10 years of IT experience

several years of experience with Adobe AEM / CQ5

Oracle Certified Master Java SE 6 Developer
Oracle Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer

Ben Zahler

Ben Zahler

Partner and Software Architect

Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Bern

10 years of IT experience gained at IBM and Inside Solutions

several years of experience with Adobe AEM / CQ5

presented twice at the ConnectCon conference


Our offices are located in a historic industrial building at the Gelterkinden train station.


Are you a seriously good Java developer or architect, ideally with CQ/AEM knowhow? Do you even know AngularJS?

We are looking for new software experts. Send us your CV and we will find out how we can work together: